I ran too much

2017 was the year I ran three marathons-which is something I never intended to do.  With almost 15 hours of running marathon races, plus the thousands of training hours I spent throughout the year, I picked up a couple of lessons about myself. #1 My brain is my will: I have learned that if my … More I ran too much

Who do I belong to?

Introductions are strange things. First, you introduce a person by their name. I am a person that forgets people’s names immediately. But if you tell me a story about the person I will remember.  For instance, there was a Latino dude I met yesterday named Pete. He explained how much crap he got from trying … More Who do I belong to?

At home

It’s been a week since I moved to L.A.  I’m getting used to a new job, the culture of LA, and my own space. I miss my family and friends an awful lot. As a creature of habit, I got used to my routines, however painful they had become over the last couple of months.  … More At home

Broken records

Sometimes I look at the  “This is Fine” and think about how many times I find myself in the same situation.  That dog is me, hot coffee and everything.  I sit there, I can feel the house burning, but I stay sitting there.  All bug eyed. Affirming that I am O-K. Fine. Obviously the dog … More Broken records

So what happened?

Age when married: 23 Age when divorced: 31 We first met at a meeting. I noticed his hair and his big head mostly because it was blocking my view of the flipboard. I didn’t say anything to him at the meeting, but he briefly made some rude comments to a flyer I made for a … More So what happened?