So what happened?

Age when married: 23 Age when divorced: 31 We first met at a meeting. I noticed his hair and his big head mostly because it was blocking my view of the flipboard. I didn’t say anything to him at the meeting, but he briefly made some rude comments to a flyer I made for a … More So what happened?

Leaving Home

A year after writing a post about wanting a room of my own…its finally happening. Im moving out. To ann arbor of all places because destiny decided to put me there. In the craziness of the last two weeks in NYC, I’ve decided to return to this blog that began documenting to awkwardness of being … More Leaving Home


Today I was present at home. What that means practically is that my computer is off and I am focused on the now. I’ve decided that I would dedicate my time to being completly present. I read a piece about honoring work hours and not going above the 8 hours of work everday. Today was … More Pulling