Who do I belong to?

Introductions are strange things.

First, you introduce a person by their name. I am a person that forgets people’s names immediately. But if you tell me a story about the person I will remember.  For instance, there was a Latino dude I met yesterday named Pete. He explained how much crap he got from trying to introduce his very anglo name in other Latinx and Mexican spaces, and how often it would be converted to a name the person found to be most convenient for themselves. His name because Pedro. Pep. Never Pete.

After your name, other details emerge: where you are from, what you do for work and who you are associated with. Your someone’s woman. Somebody’s mother. You work for this organization that does such and such. All of these associations describe elements of belonging to groups or individuals.

But to me it’s even more poignant as a woman. At what point do you belong to yourself?


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