Reviving this blog!

I thought it was time to revive this blog. Much has happened since 2010. I graduated from grad school. I got a job as a contractor. I bought a home. Got a job in NYC. Purchased several cars. Grew a garden.

In effect, I accomplished a lot of things I set out to do with my life in the traditional sense. But then, I found myself alone in my home, hugging my cat nursing a giant bottle of wine wondering, am I happy?

I wasn’t. It turns out I was naive to a lot of things, which led to making poor life decisions and whatnot.

I was in serious car accident. Lost my cars. Couldnt drive to work because I had PTSD from the head trauma. Got sick. Lost my job. Learned new things about my partner. Lost my marriage. Lost the home. Lost the city. Lost my garden.

I’m in a better place now than I was before. I’m breathing, and that’s always good.

I’ve had a lot to think about this past year, and I’m looking forward to reviving this blog again.


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