On Leadership

I am currently reading the Feiner Points of Leadership by Michael Feiner.

Although I am not finished with the e-book, here are some ideas that I found useful:

*mind you I am only in Chapter 2!

Leadership is the process of harnessing and directing the talent of others vs Management Activity produces predictability, consistency, and control, things that every organization requires

Reflecting on this I find that Leadership is more a visionary persona that is focused on the crucial need to build relationships, kind of like skin in a body. Management brings structure and order to an organization and functions like a skeleton to a body.

I’ve met a couple of youth leaders who had strong qualities of either management or leadership. I’ve met more who had charismatic skills who believed they had leadership but seriously lacked management skills of any kind. This really hindered our organization over the last year but this has only made more determined to strengthen both of these skills.

I just need to work harder on both of those skills to be a stronger leader.


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