Something new for next year

Ok…so im getting super excited about my new but not so new discovery: pin up modeling.

I was busy checking out old-school photos of my mujeres favoritas Maria Felix, Rita Hayworth and Dolores del Rio when I got really whimsical about adding more color and glamour to my life. Yesterday, over a free martini, I had the wildest urge to go to carnival in Brazil in February or get the cheap boob job in Colombia. Well I think the martini was wrong about the cheap boob job, but I do want to go to Brazil with my frequent flier miles!

Anyway, I remembered an attempt a while back where I tried to play with some photography and how much I loved pin up modeling.

Since I’m pressed for time and picking up photography will have to wait, I decided to look for photographers specialized in pin up photography in NYC.

I stumbled on a couple of folks any many prices ranging from $250 to $900. Clearly the quality of the pictures differed, but I think I’m gonna give this place a shot next January.

Oh snap, this is gonna be exciting. Im gonna give me and gabe this simple pleasure, no?


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