A room of my own

No Virginia Woolf. I want a freaking house to myself.

Not a room. My simple desire is to own a home. No-make it two homes.

One for me and another one for my parents.

And I dont want an Everyone loves Raymond set up either. We both need to learn how to live separate from each other. We need to grow independent. Most importantly, we need S-P-A-C-E.

But my parents dont want to move. Rent is cheap.

So what if there is no heat sometimes. No hot water on other times. The rooms are too cold in the winter. The rooms are too hot in the summer. Not a refuge really.

I desire a warm and inviting house for my parents. A roof over their heads where they feel comfort. Yes, a small garden where they can grow vegetables to make them healthy. A place where they can find rest.

Do I desire too much?

Everybody has the right to this dream not just me.


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