Trip to DC: Wage Theft

I will be going to Washington DC today for a National Employment Law Project conference on Wage Theft.

I woke up at 4 am and my parents were kind enough to drop me off at the Amtrak station and will pick me up. I dont like when they do this especially since my dad has to go and work at the restaurant and doesnt get to rest.

On my way over to the station, workers were on their way to work. My mom followed this same morning ritual every day for a period of two years as she worked on a 34th street Mc Donalds. The only positive piece about waking up so early is that you have more time in the day to work.

For the growing number of cruel employers, it means more time in the day to exploit workers, cheat them of hours not punched in, etc. For workers, it means an even harsher working person’s reality.

Groups around the country are fighting the growing trend of wage theft and are fighting for living wage opportunities for all workers.


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