Mexico: 5 Corporate Kingdom:0

There was something especially sweet about seeing the USA team be beat the shit out of. It was totally a David and Goliath moment. I almost thought something was wrong since Mexico’s team rarely wins especially in American territory. But it was so sweet to see the Giants stadium covered in tri-color.

Not so sweet was the realization that I didn’t know the Mexican anthem but could sing the American one. I watched a tv show last saturday of a group of Nahua school children sing the Mexican anthem in Nahautl and felt my heart longing. I broke out my Lila Downs and tried to learn Cancion Mixteca but didnt know the words either.

Ay Caray! Anyway, Mexico won and it felt so good. Felt so good that I made it political even. Savoring each goal as it a bully was finally being taken down and given its merecido!

I love soccer


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