Living on my own

And so, I will be forced to move out of my house. The house I have lived all of my life and stepped out of (maybe twice for extended travel not longer than tw0 months max)…

This is fine. I am almost 25 and I its that time of my life where I have to leave anyway.  The circumstances arent out of this world.

I look forward to getting a room of my own….ahh virginia woolf you had it right all this time….although sandra cisneros was a lot more contemporary to me and more significant…sorry.

Although it wont be quite a room of my own. I will have to share ultimately and deal with the drama that is Gabe.

Its exciting but daunting nevertheless~I do look forward to it.

It does dawn on me the financial struggles that we have to go through. He is undocumented. He will work in a restaurant for both of us to pay the rent, to go the movie, to enjoy each others company. Risk the threat of deportation to survive. All for what? To live normal lives like any other 25 year olds.


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