Children’s crusade in the civil rights movement

As I was looking through my two week old email, I came across a portside obituary of the Rev. James Bevel, 72, who was Dr. King’s right side man of the civil rights movement.

Although the man led a very troubled life, a little anecdote about his contribution to the civil rights movement caught my eye:

“On May 2, 1963, the children began marching from the 16th Street Baptist Church, and 600 were arrested on that first of two days of protests. Through media coverage, which focused on Connor’s violent treatment of the children, public opinion began to turn in favor of the civil rights movement.”

I thought about the immigrant rights movement,naturally. At a moment when national organizations are unstrategically shooting for a comprehensive immigration reform-without much momentum-the Dream Act is a no-brainer.

I see the Dream Act as an escalation rather than a distractive strategy for CIR.  Hopefully, other organizers can learn the lessons of the Civil rights movement.


2 thoughts on “Children’s crusade in the civil rights movement

  1. Obviously… it’s the students that have the innovative ideas, energy and intellect-enough to push this through using all sorts of avenues that the tried-and-tested advocates haven’t even thought about. Hello, twitter? Web 2.0? A petition mailing list that is actually used to launch a pro coalition?

    Supporting us is only beneficial and strategic in winning CIR. Not only is 2.5 million more a strong base to build from, but we surely won’t forget our parents.

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