Losing weight for 2009!

In January 2008, I was 155 pounds and in the hospital with thyroid storm.

Today, I am 129 lbs and healthier. I finally achieved one health resolution but would love to lose the final 10 percent for optimum health.

My hyperthyroidism has steadied and my abdominal pain has gone away. I still feel chest pain but have taken a regiment of vitamins to supplement my still poor diet.

Goal-Setting Worksheet

Date: 12.30.08
My weight: 129
My BMI: 24
My waist size: 29

My long-term weight-loss goal: 115
For my height, a weight of  98lbs-132lbs will put me within a healthy BMI range.
I will need to lose  14lbs  pounds.

My starting goal:
To lose 10% of my weight, I will need to lose 14 pounds.

My weight-maintenance number:
My weight ___ pounds x 12 = 1548 calories/day

My daily calorie goal:
1248 equals calories/day



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