mediated tension

Mediated tension sounds like a stifled anger. It is very controlled and precise. Shit happens all the time. I could write a book about shit but alas I have this very public blog.gabe hates my mom and the feeling is mutual. He thinks she is annoying. She thinks he is an inconsiderate s.o.b who does not consider others. They are both right. My mom is depressed. My grandpa’s death aged her 10 years and all that she wants to do is sleep and stay in her room. Fine. But she shouldn’t drag along everyone else along the way. Gabe is not mindful. He knew I had a meeting today but still decided to sleep past 10am.I knew that he was upset at me because I was working on the ntnl communications piece. I thought we were both finished working- he said. You never stop working and that makes me feel like you don’t care about me.

I do care about both of them. I need to limit my working time for my family.



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